Voter Registration, Absentee Ballot, Registration Status, and Reminder Tools

We have a new suite of online tools to help you vote in the age of COVID-19. Powered by, they’ll make it as easy as possible for you to check your registration, register to vote or change your registration, request a mail-in ballot, find your in-person polling place, and receive key election reminders. If you’re a student and attend college away from home, you have the choice to register at either address, but not both. Your choice will not affect your federal financial aid or your dependency status on your parents’ taxes or for your FAFSA form. You can vote at your school address even if you’re paying out of state tuition.

For information on finding your state’s polling place, use’s Polling Place Locator.

For information on state-specific voting rules on, click on your state’s link in the list below!