People often don’t vote because they don’t know where candidates stand and are confused about how to find out. In response, CEEP creates nonpartisan, state-specific guides to help navigate key positions. We research salient voting records and what candidates say to different groups, not just what they say on their websites, so the guides are an antidote to political spin. Our research team includes a long-time Encyclopaedia Britannica senior editor and veteran New York Times and Los Angeles Times reporters. If you’re at a college or university, please use our distribution suggestions to help share our guides campus-wide.

Click the light blue states to see the 2018 CEEP guides. Click dark blue states for see voter registration and candidate information from the League of Women Voters.


CEEP Interactive Guide Map

CEEP produced non-partisan candidate guides for major statewide races in the 2018 midterm elections. Click on states in light blue to see CEEP guides and states in dark blue for voter registration and candidate information from the League of Women Voters.

2020 Primary Guides

2018 Midterm Guides

2018 Midterm Guides

2018 Primary Guides

2018 Primary guides

Primary elections determine which candidates will appear on the November ballot for each of the two major political parties, and sometimes for third parties. So they’re a really important opportunity to choose the eventual candidates. We’ve created specific guides below for some of the main states we’re working with this cycle.


2016 Supreme Court Guide

These guides look at the importance of Court appointments in the 2016 Presidential race and of the Trump administration's nominees.

2016 Senate and Governor Guides

2016 Senate Guides


2016 Governor Guides