Social Media Toolkit

Given how key social media is in student lives, we’ve created a toolkit on how you can best use your campus social media networks to further your nonpartisan electoral engagement efforts. Our toolkit explores how you can build on your school brand, navigate different platforms, and distribute notices of key election dates and rules, election-related events, and resources like our nonpartisan candidate guides. In addition to our close elections video, at right, we’ve also created some downloadable memes, shown below, which you can distribute at key points, and which we’ll probably be adding to as the election approaches. So download a PDF of our social media toolkit here.

Covering Elections Through Student Social Media Reporting

How do we get students to pay attention to important elections, especially in a non-presidential year? One way is to have their peers create the coverage. Student newspapers can do a lot to make elections salient, giving students clear information on how to participate and helping them sort through candidate positions and claims. But students, particularly journalism, communications, and political science students, can also create valuable coverage through other channels, like social media.

Read about two award-winning approaches through which communications professors helped their students cover the elections by downloading a PDF of the full Covering Elections Through Student Social Media Reporting resource here.


We’ve created these Memes for you to use on social media. So please download them and use them to further your election engagement efforts, in conjunction with our forthcoming social media toolkit. If you can also track their reach and let us know, we’d appreciate it.

Voter Engagement Graphic Samples

QR Code

Voter Registration QR Code

Here’s a QR code to direct students to CEEP’s voter tools page, where they can register, check registration, request a mail ballot and get up-to-date reminders and summaries of their state’s voting rules. To download the QR code click here.

Screen Shot 2020-09-18 at 1.04.05 PM

Here’s a voter registration flier that you can print out with a QR code linking to CEEP’s voter registration page.


Videos are a great way to capture, inspire, highlight and share your campuses election engagement efforts. See the list of videos that the Campus Election Engagement Project created or found inspiring!

Incredibly Close Elections in English

Here’s CEEP’s 90-second video on incredibly close elections. Whether you’re a student or community member, it’s a reminder that your vote really does matter. It’s one of CEEP’s most popular videos, with our 2018 version receiving 205,000 views on Facebook. To share it, see below. For nonpartisan candidate guides visit

Incredibly Close Elections in Spanish

Aquí está el video de CEEP, que toma 90 segundos, sobre elecciónes increíblemente cercanas.  Si eres un estudiante o un miembro de la comunidad, es un recuerdo que su voto sí importa.  Para un guía de candidatos no partidistas visite

Incredibly Close Elections (Community Version)

The same video as the campus one, but intended for off-campus use, so with all campus references removed.

Joe Goes to Vote!

Video that University of Wisconsin-La Crosse CEEP Fellow convinced their Chancellor Joe Gow to make and distribute that follows his on-campus journey to the polls.

National Voter Registration Day in Iowa

Published by Iowa’s Secretary of State’s office, this video takes a tour of Iowa college campuses with Secretary Paul Pate as he launches National Voter Registration Day at Drake University, Iowa State University, and Simpson College.


University of Nevada-Las Vegas’s Hieu Le created this video that highlights Election Day activities, energy, and organizations. Watch to see CEEP Fellows and the large CEEP non-partisan candidate guides that were key to the day’s success!

Metropolitan Community College – Blue River VOTE

Metropolitan Community College – Blue River students want you to GO VOTE!

Bowling Green State University Center for Community & Civic Engagement – Election Day!

This video highlights some key information to keep in mind on election day. This video will show you how to access your on-campus voter identification letter which verifies your on-campus address as a form of voter identification you will need on election day. If you are an off-campus student please visit to find your polling location.

Video produced by Spencer Walsh and Kathryn Grogan in partnership with the Center for Community and Civic Engagement BGSU Votes initiative.

Bowling Green State University Center for Community & Civic Engagement

Curious about the process for voting in Ohio? Want to get registered to vote for the upcoming election? Listen to this quick informative video to learn how.

Bowling Green State University Center for Community & Civic Engagement – What’s on the 2018 Election Ballot

This video highlights what you can expect to see on the November 2018 election ballot. The details of the ballot are specific to Wood County, Ohio. If you are not a Wood County voter, visit to find information for other counties and states. Video produced by BGSU students Spencer Walsh and Kathryn Grogan in partnership with the Center for Community & Civic Engagement BGSU Votes initiative.

Bowling Green State University Center for Community & Civic Engagement

The BGSU Office of Service-Learning encourages all students, staff, and faculty to be civically engaged and exercise your right to vote. Additionally, there are many ways to get involved in the community whether that is volunteering for the election, volunteering on a continuous basis for a local non-profit, or taking a service-learning class.

Virgina Commmonwealth University video for Virginia Democracy Cup competition

This video is part of Virginia Commonwealth University’s application for the Virginia Democracy Cup, a contest to recognize efforts to increase electoral engagement on college campuses. From T-shirts and social media to shuttle buses and debate-watching parties, VCU students were active and passionate throughout the election season in getting out the vote. Numerous student groups, individual students and faculty members participated in efforts to register and inform voters — not only on campus but beyond. This video showcases those efforts..