Help Students Vote in the 2021-2022 Election Cycle

The Campus Election Engagement Project (CEEP) model has a multiplier effect, getting campus administrators and student government to invest funding and resources in getting their students to register, volunteer in campaigns, navigate daunting new voter laws, educate themselves on candidates and issues, and turn out at the polls.

CEEP has been Miami Dade College’s most important partner in our nonpartisan voter engagement efforts. They provide stipends, training, and support to their student Fellows, advice on putting together our election engagement website, and invaluable nonpartisan election and candidate guides. We love CEEP and want to continue to expand our partnership with them in the coming years.” – Josh Young, Civic Engagement Coordinator of Miami Dade College’s 165,000-student system

No ”Off Year” in Student Election Engagement

Sustaining student voting from one election cycle to the next requires continual “care and feeding” of our campuses. There are typically concerning drops in student voting after each Presidential election, so sustaining the hopeful 2018 and 2020 trends in student voting will depend on what groups like CEEP do to engage students in the coming year. CEEP helps develop the sustainable campus culture and institutional efforts to repeat or surpass recent higher turnout trends. What we do in 2021 will play a critical role in 2022 student turnout for the midterm.

Student election engagement also means involving students beyond voting. 2021 is a critical year for students to influence redistricting, advocate on election and voter suppression legislation, participate in local elections, develop media literacy skills, and practice civic dialogue across differences.

How Will My Donation Support Student Voting?

$50-$100 – Funds a campus voter registration or voter education event.

$500 – Pays the stipend for a student Fellow to conduct 100 hours of peer-to-peer election organizing on their campus. We may be able to direct your support to a particular state or campus if desired.

$1,000 – Supports a student Fellow for a semester, including paying for their $500 stipend, their organizing training, and funding the Fellow’s voter registration, voter education and voter mobilization activities on campus.

$5,000 – Sponsors a state or regional Student Voter Summit building campus coalitions, helping schools and students learn from one another, and promoting promising election engagement practices.

$10,000 – Funds a state staffer to support 10 campus partnerships, helping to institutionalize student election engagement to reach every student every year.

$20,000 – Funds a state staffer to support 20 campus partnerships, helping them implement promising models, from integrating registration into student Orientation to establishing an Election Day Class Holiday and advocating for campus polling locations.

For more information on CEEP:

How to Donate:

  • Make an online donation using the form to the right
  • Mail a check payable to Campus Election Engagement Project and mail to:
      Wells Fargo Advisors
      Attn: Mark C Smith 
      1700 East Putnam Avenue
      Suite 101
      Greenwich, CT 06870
  • Direct a donor-advised gift through your local foundation or trust
  • Contact us for help with
    • electronic funds transfer instructions
    • gifts of securities or stocks

IMPORTANT:  As a reminder, please make sure all donations are now made out to the Campus Election Engagement Project and NOT Ohio Campus Compact.  Campus Election Engagement Project is now its own stand-alone 501(c)(3) organization, and we can no longer accept donations made out to Ohio Campus Compact.

Some of our supporters include:

Achieving America Family Foundation
Alhadeff Foundation
Arkay Foundation
Aspen Community Foundation
Aspen Ski Company
Ben & Jerry’s
Boston Foundation
Bydale Foundation
Caplan & Drysdale
Cleveland Foundation
Columbus Foundation
Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines
Community Foundation of Richmond
Craig Newmark Philanthropies
Denver Foundation
Emily Davie and Joseph Kornfeld Foundation

George Gund Foundation
Greater Cincinnati Foundation
Hopewell Fund
Hummingbird Fund
Impact Assets
Jewish Community Federation of San Francisco
Kazan McClain Partners
League of Women Voters of Cincinnati
Lush Cosmetics
Marin Community Foundation
Mayerson Foundation
McCormick Foundation
Miami Foundation
Missouri Foundation for Health
Mountain Philanthropies
Murray & Agnes Seasongood Foundation

Naomi & Nehemia Cohen Foundation
New Venture Fund Nord Foundation
Norman Foundation
Proteus Fund
Puffin Foundation
Rockefeller Philanthropies
San Francisco Foundation
San Francisco Jewish Community Endowment Fund
Seattle Foundation
Seedlings Foundation
Silicon Valley Community Foundation
Sony Music Group
Tableau Foundation
Tides Foundation
Trillium Asset Management
Zegar Family Foundation