Mail-in balloting, sometimes called absentee balloting, can play a critical role in the age of COVID. You don’t have to find a precinct. You don’t have to wait in line at the polls. You don’t have to risk getting sick from COVID or passing it on to others. Mail-in balloting works well and securely enough that Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington and Utah conduct all their elections by mail.

This tool lets you request your mail-in ballot in every state. (If you’re a student, you can choose between your home and school address). For most states you just fill out the form. For others, you’ll get an PDF emailed back that you’ll have to then physically mail. Either way, to avoid problems, request your ballot as early as possible and turn it in as early as possible.  If you’re not yet registered or need to check or change your registration, do that first, and then request your mail-in ballot. You can then mail it back or, in most states, return it to an official election drop box or voting site. If you sign up through the tools below, you’ll get updated information as it becomes available.