Meet the Spring 2021 CEEP Civic Influencers

CEEP Fellows are students who help carry out our approaches on the ground, working with the nonpartisan engagement teams on their campus. Reaching out to their peers, they help register their fellow students to vote, navigate them through voting rules, distribute our nonpartisan candidate guides and other educational materials, and organize and carry out Get Out The Vote events. CEEP’s Fellows have a powerful impact on student voter participation while developing valuable leadership skills, with many calling their experience “life-changing.” Click here to view an overview of the CEEP Fellowship program.

I’m first in my family to go to college. As a CEEP Fellow, I became educated, aware, fully engaged in this year’s election. I became an influencer, a voter and a proud being who isn’t as lost as she used to be. Many people are highly confused by why I’m so engaged in voting issues as a STEM major. I simply answer, ‘CEEP taught me how.’” — Axianax Merone, CEEP Fellow, Miami Dade College

Every CEEP Fellow is a valued member of our election engagement community. Our newly formed Alumni Association allows us to stay in touch with previous Fellows. To see our 2020 Fellows, as well as those from 2019, 2018, and 2016 click here.

 University of Nevada – Reno Fellow Testimonial Video

In Fall 2020 we sponsored 352 Fellows on 247 campuses that enrolled nearly 3.5 million students. See here for their photos and stories.


Tanya Charoonsophonsak is a senior at the University of Alaska Anchorage. She is currently studying medical laboratory science with minors in public health and nutrition. Tanya hopes to empower her collegiate community and encourage young voters to be active and outspoken in issues they care about. She is a strong believer that every vote and voice counts and can create a difference in our society.


Kevin Ball is a sophomore at Glendale Community College in Arizona. Since Spring Break 2020, Kevin has  been completing school online – which probably is not so surprising, at this time in our nation’s history. Upon completion of the  spring semester, Kevin will  transfer to ASU and attend the Tempe campus in person. His plans are to  procure a bachelor of arts in global studies; and aspires to have the experience, confidence, and character to earn acceptance into the Payne International Development Fellowship. Along the way, Kevin will embrace any fruitful opportunity and feels fortunate to become a  Campus Election Engagement Project Fellow!

Antonette Pearson, a native of Phoenix, Arizona currently attends Rio Salado Community College pursuing an associates of arts degree in Early Childhood Development. In fall of 2021, she will transfer to Arizona State University to obtain a MPA and MPP. She is also the proud owner and Program Director for Diamond Girl Rock Dynasty Nonprofit Music Organization. Antonette decided to participate and be a part of CEEP because of change as well as having the opportunity to work hand in hand with fellow counterparts local and national to obtain one common goal. Her hopes are to provide an outlet to students across the United States that will educate, encourage, and motivate them to vote as well as getting the voice heard.

Amelia Pedrego is attending Prescott College getting a master’s degree in social justice and community organizing. Amelia was drawn to organizing as she felt sort of trapped within academia, and sensed as though real change could only be affected by real and strategic grassroots organizing. Amelia is excited for theCEEP Fellowship and eager to gain some really important skills in terms of electoral organizing. She believes that there are so many perceived roadblocks for the population in terms of voting and is thankful that CEEP exists to try and break down some of those barriers on college campuses. Amelia stated she feels lucky to be a part of it!

Adriana Raber is currently a freshman at Cochise College Douglas Campus majoring in allied health. As a CEEP Fellow, Adriana wants to help others learn to express their opinions through their ability to vote

Ashanti Ruiz is a junior at Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona majoring in Justice Studies with a minor in Transborder Chicana/o and Latina/o Studies. As a daughter of two immigrants and overcoming racial injustice, she discovered her purpose. Ashanti plans on becoming a lawyer and utilizing civic engagement to transform communities through policies and to improve the quality of life for others. She has continued to advocate for others through her volunteer work, education, and the organizations that she serves. Joining CEEP became a no-brainer for her as she will continue to work with the communities close to her.


Jhon Diaz, originally born and raised in Cali, Colombia, is a thriving student at Miami Dade College. He is a member of the honors college majoring in business administration. Bread from inside of a low money family, Jhon realised his only solution to remain free of trouble was to study. When the opportunity to explore his boundaries surfaced, Jhon took the chance and came to the USA. He has always been a person that likes to help others no matter what they have. Once in the states, he thrived at the opportunity to help in shelters and provide instruction to other students which earned him over 1000 hours of community service. Jhon had the chance to get a scholarship with the Miami Dade Honors College, with a AA in business administration and he worked to achieve his place in the honors program. Giving back would soon become his mantra, so Jhon started by helping students with disabilities with their math courses. He feels he still has so much more to offer, and this is why Jhon has decided to be a CEEP Fellow.

Jaylene Cabrera is a self motivated, courageous student at the University of North Florida who sets goals and strives to complete them. While studying the arts there is a lot of troubleshooting and problem solving; therefore, from having hands on experience in different mediums Jaylene knows how to get around any obstacles that come her way. She is driven by aesthetics in most things; oftentimes persistent because she wants to make something look a certain way. Jaylene has the unique ability to visualize art in everything, whether it’s math or English homework; she will take the time to think about it embracing her strength for the  best outcome. Jaylene pledges to  teach this generation to go out and vote for our country. She would like to inform her peers that their vote counts and their voice matters in the elections so they must speak!

Holly Kachler

Holly Kachler is a political science major and history minor at Barry University. Holly’s main goal in life has always been to help others and learn as much as possible, which lead her to political science. Holly is very excited to apply her passion for helping the community and providing education with the resources and training she receives from CEEP.

Tyler Kasmir Headshot

Tyler Kasmir is a computer science major at Miami Dade College Homestead Campus. Tyler is fascinated with the political world and is interested in the CEEP Fellows program because he loves to help out his community in any way possible and would love to see his peers and “Homesteadians” go out and express their political voice through the means of voting.

Teddisha Mackey Headshot

Teddisha Mackey is a dual hospitality management major at Florida Memorial University. She became interested in becoming a CEEP Fellow because she believes that everyone has a voice and each voice counts. She feels that it is our fundamental right to participate in the election process, and it is a right that we should never take for granted.

Felix Nguyen currently attends the University of Miami and is working towards a BS in biochemistry and molecular biology. Felix is interested in becoming a CEEP Fellow because he thinks it’s important for people to understand their rights and their abilities to influence change. People should know what they can do to voice their opinions. On a personal note, Felix would like others to know that he enjoys learning about other cultures!

Katerina Rodriguez is a thriving student at  Florida International University. Previously, she attended the University of Florida prior to transferring. Katerina  is currently a third-year studying broadcast media and television production at the Biscayne Bay campus. She is interested in being a CEEP fellow because she has always been a huge advocate of social justice and  believes in the importance of knowing your rights. The right to vote is huge, and yet, not a lot of people in our country do so, or even have the resources or knowledge to register. She decided  she wanted to do her part and help educate and offer help to her age group with the hopes that she could encourage, even if just a few, to know the importance of voting and setting us up for the future.

Trinity Tresner, a student at Valencia College has nearly earned her AA degree in general studies with plans to pursue a political science major. Trinity’s strong belief that every vote counts is at the heart of why she sought to become a CEEP Fellow. She is prepared to contribute in every way possible to help others understand that voting is essential.

Travis Waters attends Florida State University, double majoring in political science and geography. Proud to be a first-generation college student, Travis knows the value of hard work, passion, and perseverance. With equity and liberation at the forefront of all spaces that he enters into, Travis recognizes the sheer importance of how advocacy and leadership could produce sustainable and transformative change. Becoming a CEEP Fellow to Travis means he can inspire people to recognize that their is power in their voice and vote, to then use that newfound inspiration to develop a more perfect union that they wish to see.


Domini’que Allen is a graduate student at the University of North Georgia studying the field of human services delivery and administration. Domini’que is a pan African Queer woman, scholar, mentor, intersectional feminist, warrior, and queen with the energy of an emperor. Taking civic responsibility to new heights is the reason Dominique chose to become a CEEP Fellow.  The 2008 Presidential election was the catalyst for Domini’que to commit to understanding completely how politics can shape our lives and futures. As a scholar, Domini’que feels by informing others of the great democratic spirit this country was founded upon and showing that the same spirit exists today, together we may write our own history as our founders did.

Emily Bonham-Janes is an undergraduate at Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia. Emily is pursuing a bachelors in arts administration with a concentration in speech and theatre. Voting is one of the most direct and accessible ways we as American citizens can exercise our rights and as CEEP Fellows, we are able to encourage our peers to vote in an effective and empowering way. Emily looks forward to learning from the Fellows team.

Jessica Chan is a second-year student on the pre-health track at Georgia Tech majoring in biochemistry with a minor in economics. Jessica was born in Georgia but proudly notes her parents are from Guangzhou, China. She wants to be a CEEP Fellow to follow her passion relative to politics and especially the voting process. Her former experience as a host of voter registration drives and campaigns in high school will help her to continue those goals in college.

Kaylon Day a senior political science major at Valdosta State University. Interning this past year in both the state and federal level, the unique experience has provided her further insight into the legislative procedure and the importance of voting. As a seasoned resident from the  rural south, Kaylon has witnessed the lack of faith in voting within her community and she is hoping to change that dynamic! She projects the impact CEEP Fellows can make will not only have an effect in Georgia but all over the nation.

Cameron Gadson, is a senior, political science major at Morehouse College. Eager to be a part of the team at CEEP, Cameron notes it’s a platform to raise awareness on the importance of voting. He is genuinely excited about the work we will be doing especially during times such as these.

Dasia Jones is a senior sociology student at Kennesaw State University. She serves as the Director of Diversity and Inclusion in the Student Government Association, representing over 40,000 students within a shared governance. Dasia is passionate about diversity, which further strengthens her passion for voting in underrepresented communities.

Pam Kenney is a human service delivery and administration graduate student at University of North Georgia who enjoys advocating for others in the public and policy areas. Pam feels the first step is giving people a voice and educating them on the process and their right to vote is very important. That is why joining CEEP as a Fellow was an easy decision for Pam. Change starts at the election polls and each person knowing that their vote matters starts with us.

Philippa Ladun is an applied linguistics major at Georgia State University, minoring in communication sciences and disorders and Spanish. In the future, she would eventually like to do research on autism in the field of speech language pathology. Likewise, CEEP’s mission is important to her as a future clinician because voting is so important for vulnerable populations with disabilities, as healthcare policy can directly affect the services they receive. Philippa is  humbled and excited to support CEEP’s mission and inspire others to vote.

Malaya Miles is an aspiring third-year student at the University of West Georgia. She is studying Nursing and will be applying to nursing school this fall. As a young adult experiencing her  first Presidential election, Malyay feels it’s her duty to be informed and to inspire others with the same opportunity, which is why she joined the CEEP Fellowship. Awareness is key and Malaya strongly feels true solidarity happens in numbers and as the upcoming generation she will utilize her voice to lead her peers in the right direction by registering them to vote, as well as teaching the importance of voting.

Jadon Murad a Mercer University rising star is majoring in international business with minors in economics and French. On campus Jadon serves as the Executive Director of Mobilize Mercer, Co-Director of The Green Coalition, and President of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. He is a passionate leader who believes being civically engaged is the cornerstone for social change. Based on his credentials, Jadon  seeks to inspire his peers to be more civically engaged and help them advocate for the issues they care about most. The aforementioned was the inspiration and motivation to be a CEEP fellow, so he may continue to engage with his peers to provide them the tools and resources to be the change they want to see.

Daniel Silverio is a rising star at Dalton State College and is majoring in English.  Daniel is proud that he is a second-generation American and became a CEEP Fellow because he enjoys serving through civic engagement in the community and sharing his knowledge by providing information about the electoral process. 

Camille Trotman is a student at Georgia Institute of Technology. She is majoring in literature, media, and communications and plans on pursuing a career in law. She was interested in being a CEEP Fellow because of the direct and meaningful impact it has on young people learning how to use their voice and right to vote. Being a new voter herself, she knows the importance of having access to resources and information and is excited to do that for other young people.

Andrew Wittmayer,  is a junior at Kennesaw State University double majoring in political science and history. As then,  Senate Majority Leader Lyndon Johnson said in one of the many arguments he made in favor of the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1957, “Give them the vote, that’s what matters. Then things’ll change…” Ensuring that every American, regardless of color, class, or creed able to exercise their fundamental right to vote, a right that has been fought for since the founding of our Republic, is of paramount importance to our exceptional civic democracy. Andrew,  simply stated, wants to do his part, no matter how small, to help Americans understand the weight that their vote holds and to not take for granted the power that they have to improve their lives, the lives of those they love, and their country.


Ally Smith is a senior studying social work at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. Ally is thrilled to be a CEEP Fellow this year to help students on campus become more involved and excited about voting and being able to help show those around her their vote matters


Kayla Payne

Kayla Payne is a political science major at the University of Louisville. Kayla has been passionate about voter turnout for quite some time and has worked with a number of organizations whose mission it is to not only register more people to vote but to encourage them to show up on any given Election Day. Kayla currently serves as Executive Vice President of her university’s student government association and is excited to blend her responsibilities as a CEEP Fellow and that of an elected student official in encouraging higher voter turnout in Louisville and across the commonwealth.


Zoe Lamar is a senior child development & early literacy major at Grambling State University in Grambling, Louisiana. Zoe has been passionate about voting since she was able to vote and  interested in being a part of CEEP because of wanting to spread the importance of voting and using your voice. She currently serves as the Election Commissioner for the student government association and is a student ambassador for her university. She is very excited to get students involved in the election process.

Colton Tilley is a junior political science major at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Transferring from University of Louisiana at Lafayette, he became involved with non-partisan civic engagement organization Geaux Vote LSU.  This led him to find a passion in voting rights and civic engagement.  Currently, Colton serves as Social Media Director for Geaux Vote; although, most of his time is spent working within the LSU Student Government as a member of the Communications Department.  When he is not spending his time serving the LSU community, he can probably be found at one of the many coffee shops or plant nurseries in Baton Rouge.  In the future, Colton hopes to pursue a law degree and a career in government.


Celia Canavan is a sophomore at the University of Maine at Farmington pursuing an undergraduate degree in the field of social studies and political science. Originally from Brockton, Massacheuttes, she has always held a passion for political science and activism and recently started her exploration of voter advocacy and education. Celia believes that building young voters’ confidence in their ability to advocate for themselves allows them to not only feel empowered, but to channel that empowerment into standing up for change through election participation and is excited to do that as a CEEP Fellow.

Michael Delorge holds a great interest in public health policy and currently studies biology and political science as a freshman at the University of Maine Honors College. Upon graduation, Michael hopes to pursue medical school and a career in clinical public health. On campus, Michael is a UMaine Student Voting Ambassador and Student Senator. He is excited to integrate the resources of the CEEP with his university to help build a community of life-long voters and to show young people that their voice matters in the oldest state in the nation.


Alexis Raymond is a senior studying psychology and human biology at the University of Southern Maine. She was born and raised in Maine and knows the overwhelmingly important perspective on what it is like to participate and understand voting as a minority.  Alexis recognizes that minorities only make up about 1% of the population in Maine, and pledges to educate and stress the power of voting, and what it can mean for every individual.  Realizing that there is a culture around voting in American that not everyone is accustomed to, is the first step to making it a more approachable right.


Sophie Greenberg is a sophomore at the University of Michigan with an undeclared major and a minor in Spanish language literature and culture. Sophie has spent her time on campus working with Turn up Turn out, a non-partisan organization focused on increasing student voter registration, turnout, and education.  Ensuring equitable access to voter education and resources, especially in an unprecedented time for public health, sparked her interest in becoming a CEEP Fellow.

Samuel Lee Jacobs Headshot

Sam Jacobs is a public administration major and political science minor at Grand Valley State University. Sam is excited about being a CEEP Fellow, because he wants to help students become more engaged and active in their communities through civic engagement and voting. Sam wants to help keep his campus a place where voting is important to the students and faculty and where all voices can be heard.

Noah Karcher, a senior at Michigan State University, is studying both philosophy and global studies in the arts and humanities. They have an interest and passion for helping others and making sure that all people get the chance to live and be happy in their communities. Politics and law have always been of interest to Noah, and they’re passionate about continuing these ideas and trying to make change in hard to reach places.

Ariana Khan is a sophomore at Eastern Michigan University majoring in Statistics with a minor in Sustainability. She is an active contributor on campus, working for Orientation, the LGBT+ Resource Center, Student Government, and frequently collaborating on projects with other departments across campus. Being involved with the student body has made her aware of how many concerns directly impact students and how voter engagement can do wonders to alleviate many of these issues that weigh heavily on young folks especially. 

Alex Lawrence is a political science – public policy major at Western Michigan University. Alex is interested in being a CEEP Fellow because he wants to help college students become well-rounded citizens in our democracy. After graduating from Western Michigan University, he plans to pursue a Master’s Degree in Higher Education to continue institutionalizing civic engagement at colleges and universities around the country.

Jocelyn Medina is an ambitious returning CEEP Fellow and currently a student at Grand Valley State University earning a degree in communications in higher education- student affairs. Her journey as a fellow began in  January of 2020 and she thrives with the opportunities to share her wisdom and experience on campus. She believes all students should be educated on voter rights. In her spare time you may  find Jocelyn out and about campus advocating for students or in my community advocating for Immigrant rights!

Will Sheffield is a Central Michigan University junior, studying recreation, parks, and leisure services administration in the recreation and event management concentration, and minoring in public administration. They chose to get involved with CEEP after spending two years in CMU’s nonpartisan voting RSO, Central Votes. They are very passionate about voting and they are attempting to be an event coordinator for their career, so organizing voter advocacy events feel right.


Uniya Arnold is majoring in communication studies at Harris-Stowe State University. She is interested in helping American colleges and universities get as many students as possible to register, volunteer in campaigns, educate themselves and turn out at the polls. She is counting on being a leader that leads their campus with voter registration, voter education and voter engagement for all elections!

Bailey Martin, a student at the University of Missouri Columbia is studying constitutional democracy and history. Empowering students on campus to use their voice and take history into their own hands is the reason Bailey has decided to become a CEEP Fellow.  She wants to communicate to her peers that young people have an incredible amount of power in our elections and it is time we wield it.


Fernanda Cardenas attends Truckee Meadows Community College and she is a senior in high school aspiring to major in political science. As a returning CEEP Fellow,  Fernanda thinks it is important that college students and younger people take an interest in voting and participating in our democracy. There is real change to be made and Fernanda is determined to help educate and empower people to make a difference.


Arielys Liriano is a senior at Southern New Hampshire University in Manchester, NH. She is double majoring in Political Science and Sociology with a minor in World Languages & Culture. With extensive NGO and service experience, she has seen how local issues are greatly impacted by government actions and policies. Her passion for helping vulnerable populations and nation-states has led her on the path of studying international law.  Arielys is interested in being a CEEP Fellow because her experiences have shown her how voter and civic engagement is critical to creating social change.

Abigail Theobald a junior at Saint Anselm College in Manchester, NH is majoring in political science with two minors in environmental studies and sociology.  Along with being a co-chair of the Civic Engagement Committee at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics,  Abigail wanted to become a CEEP Fellow as it would allow her to connect with other students who share similar passions and together can inspire campus’ populations to become involved in our nation’s democratic processes!


Linda Truong, a freshman at the Brookdale Community College is pursuing her studies as a Psychology major. As a first-year fellow, she wants to gain more knowledge about civic engagement and share that information with others as well. She wants to help her campus and peers become more aware, educated, and involved in their local community.


Tavin Felton-Stackhouse is an energized senior attending the illustrious Winston-Salem State University. He is earning a political science degree along with a minor in mass communications. Tavin proudly serves as the Political Action Committee Chair for the 2020-2021 academic year. He became interested in joining CEEP after seeing how hard they work to get students engaged in elections and how much they listen to the input students when it comes to finding ways they can encourage more students to vote.

Abby Florek is a rising star at the University of North Carolina in Asheville and is pursuing a degree as a political science major. Abby became interested in being a CEEP Fellow after seeing the turnout in the 2020 election, and she wanted to be a part of helping young voters understand the importance of all elections.

Hannah Horowitz, a sophomore at the University of North Carolina Wilmington is majoring in public health with a minor in nonprofit management. Voter turnout and civic engagement on college campuses are so important in regard to electing officials on all levels of government. Being a CEEP Fellow will allow Hannah to assist in efforts to increase voter turnout and civic engagement on not only her campus but campuses across the country. Hannah is  excited to be a CEEP Fellow and looks forward to the collaboration efforts between the fellows.

Tori Joy is an emerging public health major at Appalachian State University. Tori’s interest in being a CEEP Fellow stems from her belief that voting is the single most important way to influence change as Americans! Ms. Joy is remarkably excited for the election season.

Aigné M. Taylor is a student at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. Due to her aspirations to be an attorney and later Supreme Court Justice, she is double majoring in Political Science and Sociology to gain a direct insight into our political systems and how our human society functions. Being an active member of the Student Government Association, where she serves as the Political Action Committee Chair, she is able to register an abundance of students to vote and cultivate a safe haven for political action. Serving as a CEEP Fellow will fully equip her with the tools to allow her to continue advocating for equal voting rights on a larger scale while continuously educating the already politically engaged campus community of North Carolina A&T.


Reese Campbell a third-year student at Ohio University is majoring in communications, minoring in marketing, and earning a certificate in social media. Currently interning with the Appalachian Staple Foods Collaborative, a group that is working towards getting back to local food systems by connecting farmers, millers, etc. nationwide is a step that provides added experience and opportunities for her. Reese is eager to be a CEEP Fellow because voting is so important and she would love to be able to help her peers become more informed on how to register to vote, become informed citizens, and make a difference across the country.

Diana Chang is a senior at Kent State University. She will be graduating at the end of this semester with a dual degree in neuroscience and psychology with a minor in biology. Diana is the senator for the college of Arts and Science for undergraduate student government and a member of the eboard for The Period Project at KSU. As a CEEP Fellow, Diana wants to promote civic engagement on campus and promote young voter turnout in local elections.


Tyger Devore is a former Fellow from Columbus State Community College now attending Ohio State University. She is pursuing a bachelor degree in Political Science with a minor of American History. She also plans on pursuing a law degree after graduating. She is incredibly excited to continue to be a part of an organization that believes in empowering and educating young voters and our communities.

Tait Ferguson is a political science major and an environmental studies and religion minor at Denison University. Tait wanted to be a CEEP Fellow, because civic engagement and education is very important to him. A lot of students on Denison’s campus do not have a comprehensive understanding of how to be involved, and Tait wants to make sure that process is as easy and simple as possible.

Hannah Hoby, currently a junior at the University of Dayton, is studying political science with a minor in marketing. Hannah became interested in becoming a CEEP Fellow after spending some time as a team intern for the student-run voter education organization on campus. She hopes she can help contribute and give back to the students on campus by helping support their civic engagement. 

Rebecca Leslein Headshot

Rebecca Leslein is an interior design major at Lakeland Community College. Rebecca is excited to be a CEEP Fellow, because she believes it is important that people of all ages continue to stay educated on important issues, local or national. Rebecca used to work for a grassroots, nonpartisan nonprofit that had a focus on providing people with the information and resources they need to make educated votes on local environmental issues.

Sierra Nathans is a student at Bowling Green State University. She has two majors, one of which is Philosophy, Politics, Economics, and Law, and the other is Sociology. Sierra is excited to be a CEEP Fellow because she feels it would be an amazing opportunity and great experience to develop new skills. She also believes that civic engagement is extremely important, especially on college campuses.

Kish Richardson

Kish Richardson is a philosophy major with a focus in cognitive studies and international human rights at the University of Cincinnati. In addition to being a CEEP Fellow this semester, Kish will also be interning with the Ohio Innocence Project and serving as a Senator At-Large within UC’s Undergraduate Student Government. Kish is ecstatic to have been chosen as a CEEP Fellow as he believes civic activism is a critical component to rectify the flaws in our political systems, as well as creating the change necessary within our world.

Cara Robbins, first-year student at Cleveland State University is an aspiring film and media arts major with a propensity for writing and directing with a minor in political science. Her interest in being a CEEP Fellow has been noted largely due to this election year promising  to be one of the most important elections in our nation’s history. The combination of the coronavirus and two extremely controversial presidential candidates, the 2020 election is shaping up to be largely consequential, and simultaneously difficult for people to access. Cara wants to help to ensure that people make their values and beliefs are heard and represented on every level in the government, from the local, to state, and to  national platforms.

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Taylor Ronnebaum is a political science major at Wright State University. Taylor hopes to attend Vanderbilt Law School after graduation and wants to foster an environment where students are politically empowered and believe that their voice matters. Helping people take an active role in our political system is not just important to Taylor, but to society as a whole.

Morgan Scott, a thriving junior at Marietta College is studying political science . Morgan is a member of the Women’s Varsity Golf team, Student Body Government, the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee and heavily involved in campus activities. She is interested in being a CEEP Fellow to have the ability  to provide opportunity to her peers so they become more involved in the election process and have their voices heard.

Joshua St. Pierre headshot

Joshua St.Pierre is an international affairs major at the University of Cincinnati. Joshua is very involved in his university’s student government organization and loves to play tennis. Joshua is so excited to be a CEEP Fellow this year and help people find their voices by participating in the civic process.

Victoria Villanueva is a junior business economics major at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, minoring in political science and history. She’s part of the University Honors Program and involved in the Associated Student Government, student-run credit union, and pre-law office. She hopes to pursue a law degree and go into intellectual property law. She is excited to be part of CEEP to connect with different types of groups across Miami’s campus and be a resource to them.


Ian Coyne headshot

Ian Coyne is a political science major at Shippensburg University. Ian is interested in being a CEEP Fellow, because he wants to encourage civic engagement at his university.

Pedro Cruz-Amigon is currently a student at Montgomery County Community College. He is studying to earn his  associates degree in environmental science. Pedro is interested in the CEEP Fellowship so that he may encourage anyone of age to either register to vote if they haven’t registered,  especially focusing on the  younger population and motivate voters to vote for what they believe in.

Grace Harnett is a Fellow at Pennsylvania State University. She is a sophomore studying Education Policy with a minor in Sociology and Recreation, Park and Tourism Management. She is really excited to be part of CEEP; politics have always been an interest of hers and helping people register to vote and get their voice heard is something she’s always wanted to do.

Julia Koehl is a student at University of Pittsburgh studying political science and history. She is super excited to be a part of CEEP this semester. Voting is very important to Julia and she wants to do whatever she can to engage other students on campus. Pennsylvania is a major state in this year’s election, so there is an extra emphasis to increase voter turnout, especially with students.

Caillou Peña, originally a proud resident of  Arizona is now a sophomore at Carnegie Mellon University studying international relations and politics! Caillou is thrilled to be a CEEP Fellow! He believes voting is truly at the core of our democracy and cannot wait to encourage his peers to use their democratic right that Americans for our history have continued to fight to protect. Leading up to this year’s historic election day in and day out Caillou will be utilizing his passion to educate and encourage votership at CMU.

Sarah Resanovich is a senior at Drexel University, majoring in Hospitality Management with minors in Business Administration and Politics. In addition to her work with CEEP, she is a member of Gamma Sigma Sigma, a national service sorority, Drexel Hospitality Society, and the Pennoni Honors College. This is Sarah’s third semester working with CEEP. She is grateful to get another opportunity to foster a culture of civic engagement at Drexel University. She believes that it is vital that all students feel educated and empowered to share their voice by understanding and participating in civic processes. 

Alexandra Royal is an emerging  senior at California University of Pennsylvania. Alexandra will complete a dual major in history and political science with a minor in women’s studies in the heart of the Vulcan Proud campus. She is  interested in being a CEEP Fellow to have the ability to  educate her collegiate peers on the  importance of exercising your right to vote and how the voting process works.

Heather Sizemore is excited to be back in academia! Starting her return to school at the Community College of Philadelphia, pursuing a degree in Nursing, she also is an active volunteer with the Philadelphia Community Bail Fund. Heather is a professional photographer and also a yoga and movement teacher, working within her community alongside nonprofits and community initiatives. She is looking forward to being a part of CEEP to empower others through educating about voter rights, inclusivity, accessibility and humility.


Miura Rempis is a senior at Middle Tennessee State University studying political science and history with minors in pre-law studies and political & civic engagement. Civic engagement is something that is very close to her heart; as a future public policy maker, Miura understands that policy is affected and influenced by the needs of those for whom it affects. Miura’s role in CEEP will help to not only prepare me for my career as a public servant, but will also help students on my campus become more politically involved and allow their needs to be better  addressed. Miura is looking forward to representing Middle Tennessee State University through CEEP and for new innovative ways to engage students during this election year.

Tiara Thomas is a political science major at Tennessee State University. Being a CEEP Fellow will allow Tiara to further serve the campus, specifically, and community by working to bridge the gap between minorities and government.


Alexia Malcom is a sophomore at Texas State University pursuing a major in political science and a minor in Honors Studies. As someone who is passionate about all things government, Alexia currently serves as the Attorney General for Texas State Student Government. She is committed to using her own voice and informing others how they can use theirs. Alexia looks forward to engaging her peers and school community in the election process as a CEEP Fellow.

Juan Preciado, a United States veteran born and raised in Dallas, Texas. He is currently a senior enrolled full time at Southern Methodist University majoring in political science and public policy. Prior to Academia,  Juan proudly served 5 years in the US Navy on active duty as a weapons technician for aircraft. He is excited to be a part of CEEP and his plan is to  encourage his fellow students at SMU to become more civically engaged.

Domonique Roy is a senior political science major at Prairie View A & M University. She is active on campus organizing events and marches focused on fighting voter suppression. Joining the CEEP team she is excited to further her work and love for her community.

Andrea Trillo attends the University of Texas in beautiful El Paso.  She is  majoring in political science with a minor in legal reasoning. Andrea  became interested in a fellowship for CEEP to embrace the opportunity to create awareness in her community relative to the  importance of voice  your vote and share her knowledge to help people become more informed.


Gurtej Grewal is pursuing a degree in economics and professional and organizational communications at the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse. After undergrad, he hopes to pursue a dual JD and MBA degree at a top university. At La Crosse, Gurtej is the current co-chair of the Asian Student Organization, as well as a peer mentor and tutor for several different organizations on campus, and a 4-year athlete for the Eagle’s football team. As a CEEP Fellow he wants to make a positive impact on his campus and to learn how to do organizing work in the future.

Alannah Ray a graduate student at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is pursuing an MS in anthropology and a certificate in museum studies. Alannah believes civic engagement is incredibly important because it directly affects the communities where we personally are invested. One way to be engaged is to vote. Alannah is excited to be a CEEP Fellow because voting is a way for the collective voice to be heard and create change. Addressing the challenges voters face in engagement, education, and accessibility ensures more voices can be considered for the decisions that affect our lives on both a local and national level.

Morgan Snyder is an enthusiastic student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Morgan is double majoring in political science and legal studies, with certificates in gender & women’s studies and public policy. She decided to  be a CEEP Fellow because college age students have the power to greatly impact elections and so many young people do not vote! Morgan is prepared to demonstrate to students the importance of voting, while also gaining relevant political experience in pursuit of her future endeavors.


TaNiya Bellamy hailing from Portsmouth, Virginia, is a political science major currently studying at Virginia State University. TaNiya is a returning CEEP Fellow that will continue to help educate and assist the next generation of voters. Our time is NOW! We play a vital role in aiding and orchestrating change within our country; that change starts with us, through CEEP.

Nicolette Oppenheimer is a junior marketing major at James Madison University. Nicolette is interested in being a CEEP Fellow because she is passionate about educating others on voting and the importance of it. She is also passionate about educating fellow students on inclusion and diversity. Along with being a CEEP Fellow,  Nicolette is a member of the women’s basketball team at JMU.

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Drew Persinger is a political science major and an international affairs minor at James Madison University. Drew believes that being actively engaged in the voting process is essential to advancing young people’s interests in the future. In addition to his work as a CEEP Fellow, Drew is a Co-Director of Virginia21’s chapter at JMU and a brother of the Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity. Drew is also continuing research on the US Census and Harrisonburg refugees after presenting at the 2018 JMU Engagement for the Public Good Conference.

Waleska Solórzano is originally from Caracas, Venezuela. She is currently completing her MPhil. with a concentration in Ethics and Public Affairs at George Mason University while also serving as a Managing Editor of the journal, Ethics, Policy, and Environment, edited by Dr. Andrew Light. Prior to this, she spent a year in Indonesia on the Boren Fellowship. As a graduate student, Waleska researches the ways in which beliefs, attitudes, and social identities influence the state’s gaze and political decision-making as well as the salience of race, gender, and sexuality in the U.S. government and politics. Her interest in the CEEP Fellowship is rooted in addressing voter apathy among younger generations. She hopes to instill hope in the fundamental process of the democratic system to others.