Meet the CEEP Fellows

CEEP Fellows are students who help carry out our approaches on the ground, working with the nonpartisan engagement teams on their campus. Reaching out to their peers, they help register their fellow students to vote, navigate them through voting rules, distribute our nonpartisan candidate guides and other educational materials, and organize and carry out Get Out The Vote events. CEEP’s Fellows have a powerful impact on student voter participation while developing valuable leadership skills, with many calling their experience “life-changing.”

I’m first in my family to go to college. As a CEEP Fellow, I became educated, aware, fully engaged in this year’s election. I became an influencer, a voter and a proud being who isn’t as lost as she used to be. Many people are highly confused by why I’m so engaged in voting issues as a STEM major. I simply answer, ‘CEEP taught me how.’” — Axianax Merone, CEEP Fellow, Miami Dade College

Every CEEP fellow is a valued member of our election engagement community. Our newly formed Alumni Association allows us to stay in touch with previous fellows. To see our fellows from 2019, 2018, and 2016 click here

 University of Nevada – Reno Fellow Testimonial Video


My name is Zoë Alfonso and I am a junior majoring in Psychology at Florida State University in Tallahassee.  Some of my interests include working with kids, opening my own private practice, and owning my own café. Aside from all of my hopes and dreams, I also found an interest in voter education.  I served as a Campus Election Engagement Project Fellow in the fall of 2019, which really gave me an outside-the-box experience. In a way, it forced me out of my comfort zone in that I really had to  interact and teach my peers about their voting rights and the processes. I thoroughly enjoyed working with other fellows and getting creative with events and engagement ideas as well. I think this fellowship will continue to enhance my leadership skills within my community.  I can’t wait to get started!

Akeem Anglin

Akeem Anglin is a returning fellow from Florida International University. As a child of immigrants, it has been instilled in me to never take the rights and opportunities I have as an American citizen for granted. I cannot imagine a world in which I would not fulfill my civic duty and rally to the polls. To be entrusted by CEEP to share and educate the importance of voting to fellow members of my student body was simply an opportunity I could not walk away from.

Keiana Brooks

My name is Keiana Brooks and I am a senior at St. Thomas University. My major is communications and after I graduate I want to work in the film industry and make movies. I am interested in being a CEEP fellow because I believe voting is important and it’s especially important for young adults to be registered and informed citizens.

Reagan Fox Headshot

Hi, My name is Reagan Fox. I was born in Austin, Texas, but grew up in Sarasota, Florida where I attended Riverview High School. I currently am a sophomore at Lynn University  majoring in Social Entrepreneurship and am a Watson Scholar. Outside of school, I serve as Vice President of Sigma Alpha Epsilon and President of Gen Z Votes. One of my biggest passions is expressing everyone’s tight to vote.

Holly Kachler

Holly Kachler is a sophomore at Barry University. She majors in Political Science with a minor in History. Her main goal in life has always been to help others, and learn as much as possible, which lead her to her path on Political Science. She is very excited to apply her passions for helping the community and providing education with the resources and training she receives from CEEP.

Tyler Kasmir Headshot

My name is Tyler Kasmir and I was born and raised in Homestead, Florida.  I am majoring in Computer Science at Miami Dade Homestead Campus to advance my knowledge in technology and learn coding. Throughout high school, I was fascinated with the political world and always took college-level AP political  courses.  I am interested in the CEEP program because I love to help out my community in any way possible and would love to see my fellow peers, and “Homesteadians”, go out and express their political voice through the means of voting.

Kaitlyn Levon is a freshman at the University of Florida, as well as a proud member of Phi Mu. She is majoring in Political Science on the Pre-Law track, while additionally pursuing a minor in sustainability. She hopes to one day become an environmental lawyer and fight for our right to enjoy clean air and water. Fighting for the environment has always been a passion of hers, and she thinks politics and voting is a great way for any student to demonstrate their own individual passion. She became a CEEP fellow on her campus because she wants to renew students’ faith in the democratic process.

Teddisha Mackey Headshot

I am Teddisha Mackey, an 18 year old sophomore at Florida Memorial University. My major is Dual Hospitality Management, which deals with both Business Administration and Hospitality management. I am interested in becoming a CEEP Fellow because I believe that everyone has a voice and each voice counts. I feel that it is our fundamental right to participate in the election process. It is a right that we should never take for granted. This is why I would like to become a CEEP fellow to assist in encouraging students and faculty to register to vote and let their voice be heard.

Axianax Merone thumbnail

My name is Axianax Merone. I’m a second-year chemical engineering student at Miami Dade College North, who values the importance of great leadership, hard work and dedication. As first in my family to go to college, I strive to be a great example for my younger siblings. I am also fully involved in my college as Director of Internal Affairs for our Student Government Association, and involved in IAMW (influential, ambitious, motivated women), and AUD (Art, Us and diversity). I hope to use these platforms as a way of bettering who I am as a leader and hope to be the change that I want to see in this world.

Albany Muria Headshot

I’m Albany Muria, a junior at the University of Miami! I’m majoring in Public Administration on the Pre-Law track. I am beyond excited to work with talented and passionate individuals to promote voter engagement on our campuses. It’s so important for young adults to be involved in the political decision-making process and I can’t wait to help others become proactive citizens.

Zak Myers

Zak Myers is a Junior at the University of Central Florida. He currently serves the student body as the Governmental Affairs Coordinator in the Executive Branch of UCF’s Student Government. Zak is a returning CEEP Fellow from 2018 and has focused his time at CEEP on adding signature panels to student identification cards and creating a promotional video for the upcoming election cycle. He is working towards a dual degree in Political Science and Public Administration with two minors in Urban and Regional Planning as well as Emergency Management and Homeland Security.

Katie Rasmussen

Katie Rasmussen is a junior studying Psychology and  Anthropology at the University of North Florida. She has been involved with politics and civic engagement from a young age and has always felt a sense of priority to be an active citizen. Both of her parents work in politics so civic duty was always the heartbeat of her home. As a result of those values, when she was given the opportunity to work with CEEP she was really excited to get to work.

Wendy Cossett Rodriguez

My name is Wendy Cossett Rodriguez, a rising Cyber security student at Miami Dade College. I strive to be involved in my community by being part of influential clubs and projects. This can be demonstrated by my participation in the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) as the current president and as a member of Phi Theta Kappa (PTK). Being a CEEP fellow, would give me the proper resources to inform and engage more of my fellow STEM major peers to be part of the conversation when it comes to civic engagement and democracy. 

Laura Santos

My name is Laura R Santos, I’m a freshman student in the Honors College at Miami Dade College Padrón Campus completing a dual language Associate in Arts in Political Science and/or Economics (still kind of undecided). I graduate in 2021 and my hope is to transfer into a school in D.C. as I am passionate about politics and history. I am interested in becoming a CEEP Fellow because I really value democracy and civic engagement as my family comes from a country where people died for the right of making their voice heard, and here is something most take for granted.

Jamie Schulman

My name is Jamie Schulman and I am a sophomore at Florida State University. I am double majoring in Political Science and Psychology and working to gain a minor in criminology. I am very excited to be a CEEP Fellow as I am very passionate about making sure that people use their voice, when it comes to the ballots as it is such a privilege that we have the opportunity to do so.  I was fortunate enough to be a CEEP Fellow last fall and I cannot wait to see what all the Fellows have in store for us this coming fall.

Sam Spencer

My name is Sam Spencer and I’m a senior at University of South Florida. My major is Cellular and Molecular Biology with a minor in Film. I believe every student should be engaged in their community and should participate in all elections.


Rickia Stafford Headshot

Hi, my name is Rickia Stafford. I attend the University of West Georgia. I am pursuing my Bachelor of Science in Political Science. I want to be a CEEP Fellow because I am that young adult who did not get reached. I turned eighteen, gained an amazing right, and didn’t understand how powerful it was. I did not know about early voting, absentee voting, or the process of being registered. A year later, the tables have turned, and I want to ensure that students on my campus do not have the same feeling or lack of voter education that I faced. I want to create an inclusive environment for all and give our students the resources to be civically engaged!


My name is Garrett Arbuckle and I am a freshman at Morningside College. I am majoring in Political Science with a minor in Legal Studies. I am interested in being a CEEP fellow because I think that civic responsibility is very important. I think that through this fellowship I will be able to help with the informative side of elections and voter registration, as well as be able to help assist in the actual execution of these processes. I am very excited for this new opportunity in my life!

Raina Hogberg

Hi, I’m Raina Hogberg (pronounced: Rain-ah Hoh-buurg). I attend Kirkwood Community College in Iowa City, IA. As a non-traditional student, my ideal major is Political Philosophy. I’m excited to join the CEEP Fellowship to further my knowledge of our political system, eager to acquire greater networking skills, while strengthening my understanding of non-partisanship. I look forward to engaging with my fellow students and creating an environment where my peers can become more active within the community.

Jocelyn Roof Headshot

My name is Jocelyn Roof and I am currently studying Sociology and Political Science at the University of Iowa. I am excited to get students registered to vote and out to the polls because I think the voices of young people are truly indispensable. I’m ready to make sure every Hawkeye is excited about politics and the role of democracy in everyday life!

Elise Strugeon Fellow Headshot

My name is Elise Sturgeon. I’m originally from Sioux City, Iowa. I am a sophomore at Simpson College in Indianola, Iowa. I’m majoring in Political Science and Applied Philosophy with a minor in Spanish and a certification in the Honors Program. I’m involved in the Culver Fellowship, speech and debate, and theatre on campus. I’m excited to be a CEEP fellow because I want to increase engagement and participation in the Iowa caucuses, which are a very unique process that can be daunting to many young voters.


Isabela McClintock Headshot

My name’s Isabela McClintock, I am a Public Relations major at Northern Kentucky University. I am deeply privileged to enjoy the right to vote in the United States. I am so excited for the opportunity to empower youth voters and help others to see their vote really does count.

Kayla Payne

My name is Kayla Payne and I am a junior studying Political Science at the University of Louisville in Kentucky. I have been passionate about voter turnout for quite some time and have worked with a number of organizations whose mission it is to not only register more people to vote but to encourage them to show up on any given election day. I currently serve as Executive Vice President of my university’s student government association and am excited to blend my responsibilities as a CEEP fellow and that of an elected student official in encouraging higher voter turnout in Louisville and across the commonwealth.


Amy Burke Headshot

Amy Burke is a senior at Louisiana State University where she is a dual degree student in Natural Resource Ecology Management and French. Since a young age, her parents have challenged her to think critically about the world around her, emphasizing the importance of civic engagement. Ever since, she has worked tirelessly to motivate others to be active, well-informed citizens. Amy believes that student voices are critical to our political process, so she is thrilled to have the support of CEEP as she encourages students to vote in the Louisiana gubernatorial election this October.


Penny Mack Headshot

My name is Penny Mack and I am a sophomore at Bowdoin College. I am a prospective government major who is excited about educating both myself and my peers. Iʼm ready to challenge myself and achieve my goals with CEEP.


Ethan Bradley Headshot

My name is Ethan Bradley. I am a sophomore at Oakland University studying Applied Statistics and Political Science with a specialization in Campaigns and Elections. I am the Legislative Affairs Director for Oakland University Student Congress, Tools and Tech Lead of the Oakland and Macomb Counties chapter of Students Demand Action, and a volunteer member of committee staff for the Great Lakes Invitational Model United Nations Conference. I got involved with the CEEP because I believe access to the right to vote is the single largest obstacle facing students in political life.

Tova Carter Headshot

Tova Carter is a second year honors student at the James Madison College of Michigan State University. She is double majoring in International Relations, and Social Relations and Policy with minors in Political Economy, Bio-Ethics, and S.T.E.P.P. (Science, Technology, Environment, and Public Policy). Tova believes nonpartisan civic engagement is key in reviving the United States Democracy.  We all want the same thing, just different ways to get it– hence, CEEP. She is very excited to be part of this amazing team.

DeVoogd, Alina Headshot

Alina DeVoogd is a third-year at Saginaw Valley State University with a double major in political science and Spanish and a minor in biology. She hopes to work in environmental policy research in the future after attending graduate school.  Her passions are knowledge and education, service, environmentalism, and advocacy. She wanted to be a CEEP Fellow because she believes in empowering and educating others to create the world they want to live in.

Samuel Lee Jacobs Headshot

My name is Sam Jacobs and I am going into my sophomore year at Grand Valley State University. I am majoring in Public Administration and minoring in Political Science. I am excited about being a CEEP Fellow because I want to help students become more engaged and active in their communities through civic engagement and voting. I want to help keep my campus a place where voting is important to the students and faculty and where all voices can be heard.

Kat O’Donnell

My name is Kat O’Donnell and I am a student at Western Michigan University majoring in Arts Management with a minor in Management. I am excited to be a fellow with CEEP because I believe it is important to provide people with non-partisan tools to help them vote. Voting is such a powerful and fulfilling right we have as citizens of the U.S., and I want to share that with as many people as possible. Working on social media and website for WeVote, a committee here on our campus, is going to be great and I’m excited to begin working!

Kaitlyn Prebelich Headshot

My name is Katie Prebelich and I am so excited to be a CEEP fellow. I am entering my junior year at Central Michigan University and am majoring in integrative public relations with a double minor in political science and leadership. On campus, I am involved in our Student Government Association, Leadership Institute, and Organization of Women Leaders. Off campus, I have worked on campaigns, a congressional committee and am a precinct delegate in my hometown. I can’t wait to use the skills that I have gained from all of my experiences to help my peers on campus become more engaged and informed voters.

Steffanie Shrum-Hills is a current student in the nursing program, as well as a business management minor at Schoolcraft College. She is an honors scholar, distinguished Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society chapter president, and a pillar of public leadership on campus and throughout her community.  In the past year, she accumulated 300+ service hours by volunteering and being involved in her college’s National Student Nurses’ Association, Business Club, numerous student leadership committees, and founding two new organizations; Schoolcraft Votes and the Student Mentoring Students Program. As a mother, Steffanie is motivated by creating a better and brighter future for her daughter. She wanted to become a CEEP fellow to encourage others to let their voices be heard. She believes your vote is your voice and nothing will change unless you speak up and be the difference you wish to see in the world. Recently, Steffanie has been nominated to the 2020 All-USA Academic Team and Schoolcraft’s Newman Civic Fellow.

Samantha Uptmor Headshot

My name is Samantha Uptmor and I am a returning CEEP Fellow! I am extremely passionate about voter engagement and education; a huge reason I am a Political Science major. Most recently I was an intern at The Walt Disney Company and am currently the Director of Foreign Outreach for the University of Michigan Flint’s Student Government!

Josiah Walker

Josiah Walker is a junior at the University of Michigan who is majoring in political science with a minor in entrepreneurship. His interest in the civic engagement process was piqued when he was exposed to a variety of thinking styles as he grew up in Maryland, Michigan, and North Carolina. He believes it is imperative that everyone participates in the political process “because no one party or individual has the solution to every problem.” Throughout his college career, Josiah has remained involved with several student political organizations, including Turn Up Turnout, a nonpartisan student group whose goal is to increase voter registration and turnout amongst 18 to 24 year-olds. He also served as a Diversity Peer Educator, a resident advisor whose primary responsibility was to help students navigate conflicting cultural and political identities on campus.


Emma Verkuilen

My name is Emma Verkuilen. I am a senior at Park Center High School, and am dually enrolled at Minneapolis Community and Technical College in the PSEO Program. I love learning about politics, and the systems that our government is constructed by. I hope to one day work for the ACLU in Civil Rights advocacy for issues regarding race relations and mass incarceration.

Willard Huyck is a junior at Winona State University in Winona, Minnesota. Willard studies political science and public administration with a minor in criminal justice. His areas of academic interest include contemporary issues in the criminal justice system, judicial philosophy and civic engagement. Willard has previously worked for the Winona County Attorney’s Office and the City of Saint Louis Park.


Sarah Hill Headshot

My name is Sarah Hill, a sophomore at Webster University in St. Louis pursuing a Political Science Major and certificates in Leadership and Spanish. I have worked on various voting rights and electoral-reform campaigns and love encouraging fellow voters to get involved in elections, no matter their party affiliation, or the lack-thereof. Other involvements and pastimes at my university include serving as the 2019-2020 Student Body President, leading the campus-wide community service organization that I founded, and consistently—also shamelessly—having a voter registration application on hand any time another student mentions anything election-related.

Ryan Moser Headshot

My name is Ryan Moser. I’m 22 years old and I attend the University of Missouri-St. Louis (UMSL). I was born and raised in the City of Maryland Heights, outside of St. Louis. My major is Public Policy & Administration. I’ve always had such a passion for politics and elections; I believe this is a great opportunity to help get more students civically engaged.

Sidney Steele Headshot

Sidney Steele is a senior at the University of Missouri studying convergence journalism and Political Science. At Mizzou, Sidney serves as the President of the Associated Students of the University of Missouri and is a Kinder Scholar. Sidney is interested in the relationship between media and the political process and using media as a tool for political education. After graduation, Sidney plans to continue her education by pursuing a master’s degree studying politics and the media.


My name is Jacqueline (or Jackie) Camacho, and I attend the College of Southern Nevada as a first-year business major. I am interested in being a CEEP fellow to spread voter awareness to people of all ages and ultimately impact my community in a positive way. I always wanted to help out what is around me in some way, and being a fellow would allow and help me find my way to be an advocate and figure out my own life goals from there.


Devon Gill

Hi! My name is Devon Gill and I am a junior at the University of North Carolina at Asheville. As  a true legal junkie, I am a Political Science major with a double minor in Sociology and Legal Studies while serving as the President of the Model United Nations Club and the Vice President of the Political Science Club. My ultimate goal after graduation is to continue to law school and eventually become a United States Congresswoman. I wish to be a part of the CEEP Fellowship to create a culture of political awareness and increase civic engagement across our campus community. I believe that the CEEP Fellowship will allow me to better equip students, faculty, and staff with the tools needed to eagerly participate in local, state, and national elections.

Jordan Rasheed

My name is Jordan Rasheed and I am currently a sophomore at Western Carolina University, majoring in Inclusive Education. For me working with the College Election Engagement Project means that I will have a direct impact on campus engagement and involvement when it comes to voter education and registration. I have done a lot of non-partisan work focusing on voter education, voter registration, and lobbying on both the local and national level. Being a CEEP fellow will allow me to organize events and express the importance of community engagement when it comes to voter engagement and education.

Maysieo Tanks

My name is Maysieo Tanks but most people call me MA$E. In this situation I think I want to use the name I am going to use when I run for mayor, Maysieo Q. Tanks. That is the reason I am interested in being a CEEP Fellow because this almost my first steps to becoming who I want to be. I just recently did some studying for my Political Science class and I was taught this pyramid called Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. At the top of that pyramid it explains a person reaching their full potential and I want the chance to do that. Getting this opportunity is almost like being a top recruit getting ready to drafted my dreams and ambitions are actually coming together and I can it all started from NC A&T SU to NC Central University – what a journey.


Katrina Davis is pursuing an associates degree at Cincinnati State Technical and Community College. She chose to become a CEEP fellow because she is interested in a movement that will change the world, not just a community. With you, I can “Forward Us”.

Devin Brown

My name is Devin Brown and I attend Columbus State Community College. I am working on a double major in International Relations and Real Estate. I was originally interested in being a CEEP Fellow because of my fascination with politics. I am now combining my passion of politics with my other passion of connecting with the youth. I believe it is important that today’s youth choose the type of world that they want to live in, in the future. In order to do that, they need to vote. I also love to travel, play soccer and chess, and just connect with people.

Joey Derrico

Joey Derrico is a rising sophomore at The Ohio State University. He is majoring in political science and public affairs with a minor in international business. Joey is interested in being a CEEP Fellow because he believes that civic engagement, specifically voter registration, is the best way to empower others to create their own change at the ballot box. On campus, Joey is active in other civic engagement groups such as OSU Votes. After college, Joey hopes to pursue a law degree with the eventual goal of serving as a Judge Advocate General in the Navy.

My name is Tait Ferguson, and I am currently a first year at Denison University with a Political Science major and Environmental Studies and Religion minors. I decided to be a CEEP fellow because civic engagement and education is very important to me. A lot of students on Denison’s campus do not have a comprehensive understanding of how to be involved, and I want to make sure that process is as easy and simple as possible.

Gregory Harrison headshot

Gregory Jesse Harrison is a native of Detroit, Michigan. He is currently working toward his Bachelor’s degree in Ethnic Studies with a minor in Leadership at Bowling Green State University. In addition to his involvements with national service programs, he enjoys recreational singing and dancing. He is most excited to help build capacity and increase civic engagement amongst the Bowling Green State University campus population at-large!

Deanna Henry Headshot

Deanna Henry is a rising Junior at The Ohio State University. After completing her major in Political Science, she is now pursuing a double-major in Public Affairs, as well as a minor in Peace Studies. Motivated by a desire to learn and help others, Deanna is active in several organizations on campus; including Politics, Society, and Law Scholars, College Democrats, and OSU Votes. With plans to work in Washington, D.C. upon graduation, Deanna is excited to be part of the Campus Election Engagement Project to increase civic engagement in her community.

Rebecca Leslein Headshot

My name is Rebecca Leslein and I am currently a sophomore at Lakeland Community College with a major in Interior Design. I am excited to be a CEEP Fellow because I believe it is important that people of all ages continue to stay educated on important issues, local or national. I used to work for a grass-roots, non-partisan non-profit that had a focus on providing people with the information and resources they need to make educated votes on local environmental issues. I think my experience with that work will help me be successful in helping people through CEEP.

Ethan Lower Headshot

Hello! My name is Ethan Lower and I am a sophomore at Kent State University studying Political Science with minors in Pre-Law, English, and Philosophy. This is my second year as a resident assistant and I serve as President of the May 4th Task Force, an organization dedicated to commemorating those killed and injured on May 4th, 1970, as well as educating others on the issues and injustices surrounding the event. I am passionate about voter engagement, education, and registration, which drew me to the CEEP Fellow position.

Richard Milnar

I am Richard Milnar, a full-time Honors Student at Cincinnati State Community and Technical College going for a degree in Organizational Leadership. I have been a political junkie since the age of eight. I am not your normal college student, having taken 27 years between classes, before finding a reason to come back to school. My focus is private property rights and true home ownership, and my goal is to enable everyone to truly own their home.

Cameron Monaghan Headshot

Cameron Monaghan is a junior at Baldwin Wallace University in Berea, Ohio  majoring in Political Science with a minor in legal studies. Cameron is am passionate about organizing, political involvement, and informing as many people as possible about the importance of active citizenship, which naturally led to his interest in becoming a CEEP Fellow and directing Jackets Engaged.

Kish Richardson

Kish Richardson is currently a junior at the University of Cincinnati majoring in Philosophy with focuses in Cognitive Studies and International Human Rights. In addition to being a CEEP Fellow this semester, he will also be interning with the Ohio Innocence Project and serving as a Senator At-Large within UC’s Undergraduate Student Government. Kish is ecstatic to have been chosen as a CEEP Fellow as he believes civic activism is a critical component to rectify the flaws in our political systems, as well as creating the change necessary within our world.

Coming Soon (placeholder image)

My name is Taylor Ronnebaum and I’m a sophomore majoring in political science at Wright State University. I hope to attend Vanderbilt Law School after graduation.  Myself and the other CEEP fellows want to foster an environment where students are politically empowered and believe that their voice matters. Helping people take an active role in our political system is not just important to me, but to our society as a whole.

Joshua St. Pierre headshot

My name is Joshua St.Pierre and I am a third year student at the University of Cincinnati. I am very involved in my university’s student government organization and I love to play tennis.  I am so excited to be a CEEP Fellow this year and help people find their voices by participating in the civic process!

Ciara Stewart Headshot

My name is Cierra Stewart and I am a Senior Political Science major at the University of Dayton. I am interested in being a CEEP Fellow because I am very passionate about ensuring the right to vote for all people. I was very active during the 2018 Midterm Election in voter registration initiatives both on-and off-campus, and my honors thesis is concentrated on analyzing voter disenfranchisement tactics throughout history, so voting rights is a topic I am extremely interested in. I believe being a CEEP Fellow would allow me to utilize my passion for civic engagement in order to make a real difference on campus. Additionally, I spent this summer interning for Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown in Washington, DC, and it was an amazing experience.

My name is Nora Walsh and I am a Master’s of Urban Planning and Development student at Cleveland State University. I am very excited to be a CEEP Fellow as I have started to have an increasing interest in voter engagement and helping students on campus in becoming more informed on issues surrounding voting. I hope that I can work to make a difference in the Cleveland State University community!


Lauren Ban

My name is Lauren Ban and I currently attend the University of Pittsburgh’s Main Campus in Oakland. I am double-majoring in History and Economics, with a minor in Political Science. After graduation in the Fall of 2020, I hope to attend law school. I have always been passionate about politics, but this past summer I began a research project that focused on Pennsylvania’s political landscape; I found that our government works best when all voices are represented. When I found CEEP, I found a perfect opportunity to put what I had learned from my research into practice.

Hello! My name is Jessica Barber and I am a freshman at Temple University’s main campus in North Philadelphia. I am a global studies and French double major and I have always been interested in social advocacy. I love to help individuals feel as if their voice is being heard within their community and one powerful way to do that is through voting! I am excited to join the team as a CEEP Fellow.

Ian Coyne headshot

My name is Ian Coyne and I’m from York, Pennsylvania. I am a Senior Political Science major at Shippensburg University. I’m interested in being a CEEP Fellow because I want to encourage civic engagement at my university.

My name is Blake Emmanuel and I am currently a non-traditional student at West Chester University, majoring in professional studies with a minor in political science. Being the parent of two boys, I have changed careers so that I can have a greater impact on my children’s future, and the future generations. I believe civic engagement is crucial to the prospect of our democracy, and that we are all responsible. I look forward to working with the University on increasing student voter engagement.

Hi, my name is Maia Fequiere and I am studying political science La Salle University. My boss and I were talking one day and since she knew about my major and my love for politics she encouraged me to apply for CEEP’s fellowship. I am very grateful she thought of me for this and very happy I applied. I am looking forward to this fellowship because I would love to help other students on my campus engage in democracy! This is an important part of being an adult and teaching students to engage now could result in lifetime voters!

My name is Christopher Lisle and I attend California University of Pennsylvania. I am a political science major with hopes of working in politics and teaching university political science in the future. I am interested in being a fellow because I think it’s important to make sure everyone is engaged and involved in the political process and we increase voter turnout in the United States.

Miranda Russo is a Criminology and Justice Studies Major minoring in Public Health with a proficiency certificate in Arabic Language at Drexel University. She works 2 jobs while funding her own education. She is interested in being a CEEP fellow because she believes a barrier that often leads people to hesitate from voting is lack of education and information, especially within under-resourced communities. With an informed society, people from all backgrounds can then participate in their civic duty and advocate for themselves and what they feel passionate about. Her goal is to dedicate her life and career to seeking justice. At this point in time she plans on either having a federal government job or attending graduate school for her PhD and would like to conduct research on either public health disparities, policing practices, corrections, or fraud. However, even if her career goals change, she knows that she wants to assist those who do not have a voice and are suppressed.

Aminah Simms Rembert Headshot

My name is Aminah Simms-Rembert and in my 21 years, I have never seen my mother vote. Seeing how removed our movements where from creating a positive change within our community, never sat well with me. It felt wrong to be so detached from the “here and now.” I believe becoming a CEEP Fellow can help me uplift and enlighten my peers on the power they possess to make a change. Information is a great key to success and being in a position to information and establish more voices willing to uplift our community is one of the best forms of human service. Being able to accomplish this at the Community College of Philadelphia as the campus’ CEEP Fellow means a great deal to me.

Beatrice Steward image

Beatrice Stewart is a first-year intended English major at Bryn Mawr College. Two of her proudest accomplishments have been rewriting her high school’s dress code and founding WILDE Magazine, a magazine dedicated to writing and art by LGBT youth. She is a 2018 TED Vanguard Fellow and a Presidential Volunteer Service Award recipient. She is passionate about activism, civic engagement, and getting out the vote in this crucial election. Currently, she participates in Bryn Mawr’s mock trial team and is a social media manager for the Bryn Mawr College Democrats.

Rania Zakaria Headshot

Hello! My name is Rania Zakaria and I am currently studying Finance & Social Impact at the University of Pennsylvania. I am interested in being a CEEP fellow because I have experienced the obstacles college students face in the election process firsthand. I believe that young voices matter now more than ever, and civic engagement is one of the most effective ways to express these voices.


I am Tiara Thomas, a Political Science at Tennessee State University. Tennessee State, the Land of Golden Sunshine, is located in Nashville, Tennessee. Being a CEEP Fellow, will allow me to further serve my campus, specifically, and community by working to bridge the gap between minorities and government.


Lami Akinyemi Picture

Hey, my name is Lami Akinyemi. I’m a junior at Virginia Tech majoring in political science and minoring in Spanish. I’m very passionate about politics and political activism.  Being a CEEP fellow is the perfect project for me to get the community involved in civic participation through voter registration and voting on election day. I believe it is important to get college students voting, especially women, minorities, and other underrepresented groups.

Negus Assefa headshot

Hello! My name is Negus Assefa and I am a senior at Old Dominion University, double majoring in Criminal Justice and Sociology with a minor in Political Science. ODU is a school located in Norfolk, Virginia that prides itself on the diversity of our student body. As the Chair of the Legislative Affairs and Diversity Committee, I look to increase political engagement on our campus. I am interested in being a CEEP Fellow because I have a passion for advocation and being a Fellow would give me the access to tools that allow me to plan successful voter registration campaigns as part of my initiative. I am also a member of the Nu Theta chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, whose national program “A Voteless People Is A Hopeless People” aligns with a goal of this fellowship. Through these and other co-sponsorships with campus organizations, I look to improve activism on our campus.

Dymon Bailey-Headshot

Greetings! My name is Dymon Bailey. I am a senior, sociology major and criminal justice minor at Old Dominion University. I am the Director of Legislative Affairs and Diversity for the Student Government Association, along with other leadership positions I hold. I’m looking forward to being a CEEP Fellow on campus because I want to increase voter education, voter registration, and voter participation within college campuses. 

Rebecca Harris headshot

Rebecca Harris is a vivacious junior from Richmond, Virginia, majoring in political science at Norfolk State University (NSU). Rebecca dreams of being a legislative official for Richmond City and throughout the State of Virginia, allowing her to make powerful changes in educational and criminal justice policies in the African American community. She wants to be a CEEP Fellow because she thinks that citizens, especially her generation, do not understand the value of voting and how impactful it can be for their lives and their community.

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My name is Philip Oehler and I am currently a sophomore at George Mason University. I am studying Government and International Politics. I am interested in being a CEEP Fellow because I believe that voting is an essential part of being involved in the community, and the community will grow in a positive manner as larger numbers become involved. My other involvements on campus are with the pep band (The Green Machine) and as a member of the Leadership Through Civic Engagement Living Learning Community.

Hi, my name is Addie Parker, I am a junior psychology major at Virginia Tech. I am so excited to be a CEEP Fellow because I think that gathering young adults and educating them more on voting and getting them interested or even excited about voting is so important! I absolutely love social media and that’s mainly how I stay connected to what is going on in the world.

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Drew Persinger is a Campus Election Engagement Project fellow for the James Madison Center for Civic Engagement. He is a Junior pursuing a major in Political Science with a minor in International Affairs. He believes that being actively engaged in the voting process is essential to advancing young people’s interests in the future. In addition to his work as a fellow, he is a Co-Director of Virginia21’s chapter at JMU and a brother of the Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity. He is also continuing research on the US Census and Harrisonburg refugees after presenting at the 2018 JMU Engagement for the Public Good Conference. Pronouns: He/Him/His

Josh Scrabeck Headshot

I am Josh Scrabeck, a senior at Christopher Newport University studying Political Science with a concentration in Environmental Policy. I was interested in becoming a CEEP fellow because I believe that young people are the biggest stakeholders in our collective future, thus we need to vote like it. I come from a long line of military members, so I have an affinity for civic engagement and public service. We all inherently have a stake in the political process, thus our voices need to be heard. The best way to do that is through the ballot box.

Katrina Tilley

My name is Katrina Tilley and I am a third year at James Madison University double majoring in Public Policy and Media Arts and Design.  I believe being actively engaged in our civic process is vital for our generation. I look forward to working as a CEEP fellow to see the amazing change we can make in our communities with increased voter participation and civic engagement! I’m excited to see engagement on campuses increase because it is an opportunity to help young adults realize their voices can be heard no matter their career choice and changes can develop from simply being informed about local issues.

Victoria Waddell

My name is Victoria Waddell and I am fourth year attending the University of Virginia. I am double majoring in International Relations and African American and African Studies with a minor in sociology.  I am involved in the Black Student Alliance Political Action Committee, Sustained Dialogue, and a variety of other socially inclusive organizations on grounds. I look forward to learning more about the different voting processes and the things that I can do to spread awareness in my community. I believe that the CEEP fellowship will provide me with great experiences and feedback to achieve this goal.

Quentin Watts is attending Christopher Newport University, majoring in Environmental Science with a minor in Psychology. He’d describe himself as a student, Virginia native, political activist, and a proud member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. which is the first intercollegiate fraternity established for men of African-American descent. In fact, it was his membership in the fraternity that first galvanized him to be active in his community and embrace his passion for activism. He is particularly passionate about bringing democracy to the workplace, expanding economic opportunity for marginalized communities, strengthening our democracy, and improving youth voter turnout as well as education so that voters are better equipped to hold our representatives accountable. Being a CEEP Fellow provides him with the tools and mentorship necessary to become a more effective organizer and expand his platform.