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Nannette Bailey

Nannette Bailey has a long history of engagement work with communities.  She currently works in the Office of Engagement at Richmond Public Schools (RPS).  In her role, as a community hub coordinator she engages students and their families in finding guidance-based solutions to issues they face.  Prior to her position at RPS, Nannette served as partnership coordinator for Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU).  In that role, she facilitated the development of student leaders through community engagement.  One project she is working on is to combine her role with VCU and her work with RPS by utilizing college students to educate and register high school students to vote.   She holds a B.A. from Hampton University, a M.T. from Virginia Commonwealth University and an Ed.M. from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.


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Andy Jacobs

Andy has spent 35-years starting and growing companies.  He was CEO and President of PCCW Teleservices, sold to premier Hong Kong telecommunications provider HKT, and founded and led Excel Retirement Communities. He’s president of Sustainable Agriculture Fund, which provides affordable capital to small and medium sized environmentally sustainable agricultural enterprises.  He co-founded Urban Farms of Central Ohio, which grows healthy food on abandoned or underutilized urban property, and was board chair of Harlem Grown, a New York City based youth development and urban farming organization.  He’s a member of the Donor Services and Development Advisory Committee of The Columbus Foundation and owns a 200-acre certified organic farm in New York’s Hudson Valley.  He’s a graduate of Johns Hopkins University and University of Michigan Law School.


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Elizabeth Ricci

Liz has been involved with Campus Elect since early in its history and has seen the tremendous growth and impact the organization has had over time. After a career working at Procter & Gamble, as a Director of Finance and then Director of Global Ethics & Compliance, she wanted to devote more time and energy to helping CEEP achieve its mission of engaging as many students as possible with full recognition of the disparities that currently exist within our voting systems and our democracy.  “I grew up believing we all had a role to play in keeping our democracy strong, but I also took the access I enjoyed for granted. That can no longer be the case, and we must continue working until we can guarantee that same understanding and access for all. Our focus on the students we serve will help build a lifelong commitment to the responsibility we each share to keep our democracy strong.”
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Magdaleno (“Leno”) Rose-Avila

Magdaleno (“Leno”) Rose-Avila  grew up one of 12 children of immigrant parents from Mexico and started working in the fields at age 11. At  University of Colorado, he helped create the first programs for students of color. After joining a United Farm Workers strike he worked with Cesar Chavez at the United Farm Workers, running his first state-wide voter registration drive with them in 1972. Later he ran the Cesar Chavez Foundation. As a regional director for Amnesty International, he worked with Coretta Scott King and Joseph Lowery and got Sister Helen Prejean, who wrote the book and film Dead Man Walking, involved in the death penalty. In the Labor Dept he played a key role getting gender equity bill Title IX enacted and later was a Peace Corps director in four countries. He founded and ran Homies Unidos in Los Angeles and El Salvador, where former gang members empower current members to understand nonviolence and creatively resolve conflicts, ran Seattle’s office of Refugee and Immigrant affairs, and was named Distinguished Citizen of the Year by Seattle’s Human Rights Commission.

Paul Loeb, Founder, Board Member Emeritus