Working to help America’s 20 million college and university students vote, Campus Election Engagement Project (CEEP) assists administrators, faculty, staff and student leaders to engage students in federal, state and local elections. Student voting promotes a more equitable and inclusive democracy and addresses past and present disenfranchisement.

CEEP’s national nonpartisan efforts combine our powerful resources with personalized coaching. Schools use CEEP resources to help students register to vote, navigate challenging voting laws, learn about issues and candidates, volunteer in elections and show up at the polls, whether virtually or in person.

Individuals who vote when they’re young tend to continue voting. As CEEP guides schools to deepen their election engagement each cycle, we generate both immediate and long-term impact.

In 2020, CEEP partnered with over 600 institutions with a combined enrollment of 6.4 million students and support 352 student Election Engagement Fellows. CEEP continues to create nonpartisan educational materials, including candidate guides, state voting guides, promising practice models and video guides to voting by mail. To learn more, read our Executive Summary, or more detailed 2020 Report. 

“There’s no doubt CEEP’s activities are having an impact. Patiently and deliberately you have built a unique and valuable ally of democracy, engaging this generation of young people. I continue to admire and salute you, in no small part because you were ahead of your time.” — PBS journalist Bill Moyers

“You did a great job in conveying a critically important message to every West Chester student! As a proud West Chester University alum who went on to serve as mayor, county commissioner and 20-year U.S. Congress member, I can guarantee you that voting in every election provides the ultimate strength of our democracy. Your bipartisan message is right on target!” — Curt Weldon, former member of Congress (R-PA 

To learn more, read our CEEP Overview and our 2019-2020 Impact Summary

Go Deeper

  • Meet the CEEP Student Fellows, college students who are central to our impact. Fellows engage peers by organizing campus-wide efforts to register voters, educate them on the issues and get out the vote, working both in person and virtually.
  • Watch our Close Elections video, available in English and Spanish. With hundreds of thousands of Facebook views, it’s one of our most popular GOTV resources. Also catch our series of videos on voting by mail.
  • Explore Seven Key Ways to Act, our road map for engaging America’s college and university students in federal, state and local elections.
  • Check out our nonpartisan candidate and issue guides. Meticulously researched and highly accessible, these guides focus on state-level (governor and U.S. Senate) races, as well as presidential races. See the Arizona and Maine U.S. Senate races for examples.