Student leaders are the boots on the ground reaching out to fellow’s students and energizing them on campus. CEEP has identified and created a number of resources to ensure your success as a fellow. To learn more, check out the information below. 

Engagement Resources

COVID – 19 and CEEP Student Fellows: As we continue to monitor developments regarding the coronavirus, CEEP recognizes that some of our campuses may be affected by this global outbreak. Fellows can reference this document to find a list of ways to continue to engage their campuses, whether a campus is taking partial measures to reduce risk or undergoing complete closure. 

Advisor Fellowship Handbook – This handbook was designed to help Campus Election Engagement Project (CEEP) Campus Advisors get started with our Fellowship program. As a Campus Advisor, you will contribute to a campus environment that encourages and supports student voters. Advisors are an important partner in the CEEP Fellowship. 

Campus Sample Communications Manual – This should serve as a guide for communications on your campus. CEEP campus cohorts often have a lot of people involved i.e. fellows, volunteers, student leader, campus staff, professors, and the like. At some point, everyone involved with your school’s voter engagement platform will write, speak, or post about it. The more synthesized the messages, the larger the impact. Check out the manual here!

Engagement Fellowship Handbook  – This handbook was designed to help new CEEP Engagement Fellows get started in their electoral engagement efforts. As a CEEP Engagement Fellow, you will be helping your school create an environment that encourages and supports student voters. You will find creative ways to get the word out about the importance of voting, help students register and vote and ensure they get to the polls and make their voices heard. Access the virtual program edition here.

Every Vote Counts (EVC), an organization on creating and enhancing student clubs and organizations centered around electoral engagement is now partnering with CEEP. Our united goal is to help student-led, nonpartisan organization on campuses. To learn how we can help you with a student club or organization click here.

Partner Organizations – Working together is important to the success of your engagement team on campus. For a list of approved third party partners and their descriptions, click here.

Secondary Project Ideas – If you are feeling stuck or are experiencing a particularly slow week, this document will provide you with some ideas for other items to be working on this semester. This list is not exhaustive nor is it required that you complete all of these items. 

Social Media Toolkit – Along with face-to-face outreach and discussion, social media is one of the main methods to reaching students where they are, helping them vote and get politically involved. This toolkit will help you produce effective messages to engage your students.

Social Media Civic Participation – Check out this example packet on coordinated methods and strategies that the University of Central Florida’s Student Government Association will use to prepare for the 2020 election. The packet includes a social media action plan, report, the proposed campaign and an audit of the social media reach. 

Using Slack – This resource is designed to help Fellows use Slackeffectively to communicate with their State Director and National Fellowship Director and to collaborate with other Fellows on projects. Fellows are strongly encouraged to use Slack to communicate with their State Director and National Fellowship Director as well as with other Fellows to collaborate on projects and troubleshoot similar issues that may arise along the way.

Surveys, Requests and Reports

Activity Tracker – Measure, report, review, revise, repeat:Reporting and documentation are critical. Numbers are important, so you can monitor your progress and so CEEP can report the cumulative impact of your work nationwide. Your CEEP State Director will help you work with our reporting tools (the activity tracker), which will be easy if you consistently document your events, contacts, attendance, outreach, etc. and report them as they happen. Build these measures right into your action plan and revise. 

Final Report – Please complete the form with information about your fellowship experience. If you have questions contact your state director or national fellowship director. The final report helps CEEP gauge your overall experience on the ground and with CEEP.

Advisor Survey Please complete the form with information about your experience working with CEEP and your on campus fellow. If you have questions contact your state director or the national fellowship director. This survey helps CEEP gauge your overall experience with our program.

Purchase Requisition To assist with activities, each Fellow is able to complete a purchase requisition (i.e., a request sent to obtain purchased goods or services). The information collected on the form will be used to inform State Directors of the supplies or materials needed for an event or activity. Fellows are able to make multiple entries but should submit the request at least seven days prior to the event. After the form is submitted, it will be reviewed and Fellows will be notified if their request has been approved or denied.