Student leaders are the boots on the ground reaching out to fellow’s students and energizing them on campus. CEEP has identified and created a number of resources to ensure your success as a fellow. To learn more, check out the information below. 

Engagement Resources

Advisor Fellowship Handbook. This handbook was designed to help Campus Election Engagement Project (CEEP) Campus Advisors get started with our Fellowship program. As a Campus Advisor, you will contribute to a campus environment that encourages and supports student voters. Advisors are an important partner in the CEEP Fellowship. 

Engagement Fellowship Handbook. This handbook was designed to help new CEEP Engagement Fellows get started in their electoral engagement efforts. As a CEEP Engagement Fellow, you will be helping your school create an environment that encourages and supports student voters. You will find creative ways to get the word out about the importance of voting, help students register and vote and ensure they get to the polls and make their voices heard. 

For Fellows By Fellows

Who better to create a resource for Fellows than a past Fellow? We asked our past Fellows what they wanted to see in our program, and they created some tips, tricks and pieces of advice for current Fellows. These resources are projects started by Fellows, for Fellows to succeed in their voter engagement work. Check them out!

A Guide for Memorable PhotosPhotos matter now more than ever. With the presence of COVID-19, many students have had to connect virtually rather than in person. This means that much of your outreach will be through social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. You need good photos to promote voting efforts and to encourage your peers to get out the vote!

Civil Dialogue: Talking with Friends, Family, and Neighbors. A very rewarding part of the Fellowship can be talking to new people. You’ll meet so many students, faculty, and community members who can change your perspective, not just about voting but also about the state as a whole. Thanks to CEEP’s nonpartisanship, you’re able to talk with individuals all across the political spectrum and have meaningful conversations about the issues they cared about. CEEP created this document to help you find ways to start those conversations. 

Engaging Students Who Cannot VoteThere’s lots of ways for everyone to be civically engaged! Even groups who cannot vote like undocumented students, international students, those under 18 years of age and individuals who were formerly incarcerated* can get involved in the community. Here, we’ll talk about a few ways to be engaged that are open to all.

Feeling Stuck? Fellows Project Ideas. Sometimes the hardest part is getting started. To help you out with brainstorming and planning, We compiled a list of project and event ideas that worked for other Fellows. Read through these to boost your creativity and feel free to adapt these ideas to your campus.

Post-Fellowship Advice. Once the Fellowship ended, you may have a lot of questions about what to do next. CEEP provided a list of ten different ways you can stay civically engaged after completing the Fellowship.

Tips and Tricks From Our Fellow Alumni. The CEEP Alumni Association connects past Fellows and current Fellows with one another to create a civic engagement community. We talked to some of our recent alumni to hear what they had to say about the Fellowship and what advice they’d like to pass down to current Fellows. Check out these tips and tricks!

Surveys, Requests and Reports

Activity Tracker. Measure, report, review, revise, repeat:Reporting and documentation are critical. Numbers are important, so you can monitor your progress and so CEEP can report the cumulative impact of your work nationwide. Your CEEP State Director will help you work with our reporting tools (the activity tracker), which will be easy if you consistently document your events, contacts, attendance, outreach, etc. and report them as they happen. Build these measures right into your action plan and revise. 

Final Report. Please complete the form with information about your Fellowship experience. If you have questions contact your state director or national Fellowship director. The final report helps CEEP gauge your overall experience on the ground and with CEEP.

Advisor Survey. Please complete the form with information about your experience working with CEEP and your on campus Fellow. If you have questions contact your state director or the national Fellowship director. This survey helps CEEP gauge your overall experience with our program.