Exciting CEEP relaunch – but first, a pause

I have been the CEO of Campus Election Engagement Project (CEEP) for exactly one month today. Please allow me to present a short video anniversary message for you:

I have learned so much about your work, partnership and commitment to student voting. I am sure, like us, you have gained new insights from the experiences of the last year and more. These collective insights are helping to drive our evolution, always with a goal to better support your efforts to increase youth civic participation and power. We need you to help young people get involved and remain engaged in elections and all aspects of defending, preserving and expanding democracy.

We are actively diversifying and strengthening CEEP to help higher education institutions improve their campus climates for student voting, as well as supporting young people’s voting generally in their communities. Our work with marginalized youth, Black, Indigenous and Youth of Color (BIYoC) is expanding and deepening. We regard you as a critical ally to achieve the important goals of greater Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

During the unfolding summer weeks, we are evaluating our Organizing, Advocacy, and Learning efforts and resources. We hope that you will help us reimagine all aspects of our youth, student and institutional engagement. By Labor Day or sooner, we will relaunch. With your help, we will be bringing to scale our most impactful work. You will be excited to learn about our growth areas, new opportunities for support, and where we are winding down. In the meantime, we are pausing many current activities until we share with you our exciting relaunch! 

We believe that the future of our democracy depends on young people grabbing and powerfully carrying its baton on our multigenerational American journey to bend the moral arc of the universe toward justice.

We look forward to working with you even more closely as we innovate and bring our impactful work to scale in the year ahead.

In solidarity,

Maxim Thorne

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