Miura Rempis reads her new children's book Smarticle Articles

Smarticle Particles: CEEP Fellow’s book educates children about the U.S. Constitution

In addition to fulfilling her duties as one of our CEEP fellows in Tennessee this election season, Middle Tennessee State University student Miura Rempis celebrated the publication of her first children’s book, which was released on Election Day! Smarticle Particles and Constitutional Articles is a rhyme-scheme book that helps to educate children about the Articles and Amendments of the U.S. Constitution. In an homage to her friends and fellow female advocates, she depicted their likeness in the book for the inclusion of the 19th Amendment, ratified 100 years ago this past August.

Miura hopes to read her new book to elementary school and middle school children as part of her role of Miss Tennessee Soybean Festival, a qualifier for the Miss Tennessee Volunteer Scholarship Pageant taking place in June of 2021. Her platform, “The Power of Civic Engagement” played a large part in the publication of her book, as well as her work with CEEP’s Fellowship Program.

According to Rempis, her largest push to write and publish the book this year was the focus on adult participation in the democratic process as a natural part of the presidential election. She firmly believes that democracy is something to be learned by each new generation and that voter education must begin long before the voting age has been reached. She hopes to engage young readers in understanding their roles in governmental actions, as well as inspire them to someday become a part of them. “Smarticle Particles” will be available by contacting her through her social media pages, and will be in bookstores by 2021. That’s #thepowerofcivicengagement. 

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  • Miura Rempis Reply

    Thank you so much for sharing my book!

    November 24, 2020 at 6:10 pm

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