Today is the day!

A message from the Campus Election Engagement Project’s National Director, Amy Ludwig:

Today is election day, and for those of us working in organizations such as the Campus Election Engagement Project (CEEP), we have been preparing and helping schools across the country get ready for this day all year.  Administrators, faculty and CEEP student fellows have been implementing voter engagement activities throughout the Fall in the hopes that their school’s student population is informed, energized and ready to vote. CEEP is constantly advising students that their voice and vote matters. Politics is confusing, contentious and for young adults, it can often feel intimidating and overwhelming.  But this we already know.

The CEEP team has shown incredible dedication and heart this past year. Staffers have driven hours to help their student fellows and responded to calls at all hours of the night with their teams. They do this because they care about our electoral system and ensuring that everyone, especially college students, turn out to the polls to make informed decisions. We unequivocally support and encourage outreach from all sides of politics.  As I tell my six-year-old, the more the merrier! 

Democracy only works when everyone is involved.  I constantly hear that people are tired of the anger and the nasty ads, and believe me, I am too.  But today I am excited.  Excited that we all have the privilege to make our voices heard and we can walk to an election poll feeling safe, informed, and knowing our vote will count.  On behalf of the Campus Election Engagement Project’s staff, fellows, campus partners and community stakeholders, we hope today you not only vote, but also continue to be life-long participants of the electoral system. 

Cheers and happy election day!

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