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CEEP’s North Florida Fellows Tackle NVRD

Campus Election Engagement fellows in North Florida held events in Tallahassee, Gainesville, and Jacksonville reaching out to students and encouraging them to register to vote and get informed about what’s on the ballot. They put together classroom presentations, set up tables with information, decorations, and food, asked students to pledge to vote, and helped other organizations make their existing events that much better. Through conversations with students at their events, fellows had an opportunity to understand better what’s driving voting behavior on their campuses which will in turn help inform how they will approach their voter education and get out the vote efforts. All in all fellows across Florida had a powerful day of action filling them with a sense of empowerment and providing motivation to sprint through the finish line.
Building on this work, fellows are now working to design and carry out programming to help students understand who and what will be on their ballots in November, and physically turn out to vote. With many universities in Florida being designated early voting locations, students have more opportunity than ever to make sure their voices are heard by decision makers. Fellows at those campuses will work hard to ensure the best turnout possible there, while those at other schools will work with administrators to get students to the polls. Stay tuned for awesome voter education and get out the vote efforts in the coming weeks.
This post was written by Ben Marcus, CEEP’s North Florida Assistant Director. He has worked in campaigns and activism for 15 years. Ben has a bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences and is pursuing a Master of Public Policy with a focus on civic engagement and electoral policy. He lives in Jacksonville, Florida.

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