Corn and Civic Engagement: National Voter Registration Day in Iowa

Iowa Campuses engaged student voters in many unique ways on National Voter Registration Day. There are 13 CEEP Fellows at 9 different campuses who all hosted their own events, and many other campuses also used NVRD materials to register voters. Samantha Bayne, our Iowa Director, personally visited three very different campuses: University of Iowa in Iowa City, Kirkwood Community College in Iowa City, and Coe College in Cedar Rapids. There, she was able to experience different methods of engaging students at a large public institution, a community college, and a small, private liberal arts school. Early estimates of total college students registered on NVRD total about 700 students — even with rain pushing most events inside! Students truly took advantage of this day to directly connect with their peers and share resources on how to vote in this year’s midterm elections, which are very competitive in Iowa.


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