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Why work with Campus Election Engagement Project?

Your vote is your voice. Voting can be a powerful tool to effect local, state,  and national change. Some elections can be decided by just one vote! CEEP is committed to getting all eligible students registered to vote. Many students don’t know that they have the right to register to vote at their campus address or that they to update their registration if they move from their home to a dorm on campus. In 2018 for the first time ever, millennials will surpass baby boomers as the largest voting block. This is historic! The bigger question is – will those millennials turn out at the polls?
The CEEP team is dedicated to encouraging those same young people to head to the polls during the midterm elections this year. Whether it’s hosting a voter registration drive on your campus, a pep rally to get out the vote, or simply providing our resource guides, CEEP is here to help. Please contact your state director to find out more!

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  • Eisenpo Reply

    Thanks so much, Jenni!

    March 16, 2018 at 7:30 pm

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