Kamala Harris at the inauguratin of Joe Biden

Coats, Mittens, Earrings, and Other Important Conversations: The 2021 Presidential Inauguration

©The Guardian “Senator Sanders, who are you wearing?” “The mittens are Jen Ellis” Senator Bernie Sanders’ (VT) mittens were certainly among the more popular the topics of conversation this past week as a result of the inauguration, across all political affiliations. Memes depicting Senator Sanders merely sitting in the audience have [...]

Image encouraging students to snap a selfie of themselves voting

Making Our Presence Count

The Role of Social Media in The 2020 Election As an organization dedicated to empowering college students to become voters, a large part of CEEP’s work involves meeting students where they are at. Often, that means social media platforms. It’s how students communicate, find entertainment, educate themselves and participate in [...]

Ballot Box Parade organized by Lauren Tatum, CEEP Fellow at Alverno College.

Wisconsin Fellows Move Student Voter Registration Forward Despite COVID Challenges

Wisconsin Fellows faced a series of unique challenges in the Fall 2020 semester as they worked to engage their peers in the electoral process: a worsening public health crisis that forced many institutions to significantly alter their operations mid-semester (and resulted in many students moving off campus) and a [...]


Celebrating Our Arizona and Nevada Fellows

https://campuselect.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/CEEPAZNV_REEL.mp4 What a semester it has been! During the past three months, students across Arizona and Nevada fiercely thought outside of the box to create voting movements that would go viral. These students represent a national effort organized by CEEP’s Fellowship program. Between Arizona and Nevada, twelve students took the challenge [...]